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What do Prospective Homebuyers Look for?


Features of a Home That Buyers Love

Whenever someone comes along to buy a house, there are near infinite factors that people are looking for. Location, school district, size of the lot, and interior features are just among the various things people look for. There are certain interior features that people are willing to look for, and most of them have said that they’d be willing to pay more for houses that have certain features. These things make your house much more attractive to anyone seeking to buy them and tend to be worthwhile investments, increasing the property value for more than they’re worth.


A fireplace is something that has proved to be more attractive for most prospective buyers, with at least one of them in the house. Although the attractiveness also depends on the amount of TVs, with time they might end up being more attractive thanks to the surge of tablets and e-readers.

Family Friendly Features

If you’re trying to sell your house to a family, there are also certain things that you can do to make your house considerably more attractive to them. The most important of them is probably having some kind of kitchen islands, which are among those things which are very helpful for a growing family. By giving them a place to put out the food for the kids, and letting the kitchen become more organized, a more natural home is created. A simpler thing you can do is to have two sinks in the master bathroom, which makes the house more attractive for prospective couples.

Extra Space and Convenience

In a similar vein, many people are more interested in having their home become their personal sanctuary, and every step you can take towards achieving that helps improve how attractive your house looks to new buyers. Through an ensuite master bathroom, you can achieve just that. Another thing is to have a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, giving most people the desired extra space to organize their home, and making the closet a space that they can brag about and show around, in the same way, they can show off other rooms.

Air Conditioning

The last important thing to mention is a central air conditioning, with over 50% of people saying they consider them to be important in their decision whenever they go ahead and get a home. Even then, there are certain things you should wary of with this, namely the value of the air conditioner vs. a new price. The increase in price vs the cost of installing an air conditioner usually leads to you losing money, so be careful with this.