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About LeedsLiveitLoveit

LeedsLiveitLoveit was created to not only provide the good people of Leeds with the latest local news, but also to keep you updated on current world events, lifestyle pieces and more. Please bare in mind that this is a relatively new project and is being taken on atop an already exceptionally strenuous job (accountant for a large firm). Because of this, posting may be sporadic at times, but I will do my best to keep things updated as much as possible.

About the Editor in Chief

Darren has loved writing and literature since he was a child growing up just outside of London. He has worked numerous odd-jobs as a journalist, writer, and freelance blogger for years, but has found steady work as an accountant, which is not at all where he saw himself a few years ago.

None the less, he is still pursuing his passion in writing about news, lifestyle and anything else that comes to mind; expressing his thoughts through the pages on this site.