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4 Common Snow Blower Buying Mistakes


4 Common Snow Blower Buying Mistakes – and how to avoid them!

Are you considering buying a snow blower to tackle the winter months? If the answer is yes, continue reading to learn about the 4 common mistakes to avoid when making your purchase.

Size is not everything

In the world of snow blowers, size is not everything and bigger does not always mean better! The blower you purchase needs to be proportional to the size of the project at hand. For example, if you are simply clearing snow from your backyard, you do not need a large 3-stage gas powered blower. Conversely, getting a snow blower that is too small for the job could mean you spend unnecessary hours working for a much-less satisfactory result.

Know your environment

Knowing your environment is key when it comes to purchasing a snow blower. Different models are better at different levels of snow removal and in varying terrains. For example, the Husqvarna ST224P is fantastic for about 12-24 inches of snow and great for driveways and backyards. Conversely, something like the Husqvarna 2-stage electric blower will not be able to handle that level of snow and will likely break (or produce unsatisfactory results).

Research different models thoroughly

Snow blowers are a substantial investment, and can range from 300 to a couple thousand pounds/dollars. It is important to find the right model for your needs after taking into account the factors mentioned above. There are great resources online and plenty of reviews at Snowblowerguides.com and other similar sites. You can also call up your local Home Depot (if you are in the United States), and ask them about what they recommend for the level of snow you expect. The bottom line here though is to always do your research! You don’t want to spend a couple hundred only to then realize you got the wrong snow blower for the job!

Expensive is not always better

Something consumers struggle with (regardless of the product) is thinking that because something is expensive it is automatically better. This is not the case with most products, and is certainly not the case with snow blowers. In many cases, you could have been better off purchasing a cheaper model that would have produced the same results, had you simply followed the tips listed above (especially research).

At the end of the day, when it comes to snow blowers, always keep in mind the amount of snow you get, what terrain you have, and always do your research before buying!

3 Tips to Make Gift Buying Easier this Christmas


With Christmas quickly looming around the corner, it is that time of year again to begin thinking about what you are going to wrap up for your loved ones. While the Holiday Spirit is great, selecting gifts can be a bit more problematic, especially if you have been buying for the same person for years on end. In this post, we will go over three tips that will make your Holiday shopping much easier and a whole lot less stressful.

Quick note: When you are picking out a gift, it is important to take your relationship with the person into account. You will need to know what they like, what their hobbies are, and what kind of personality they have. For example, while dad may have enjoyed the wool jumper he got in 2016, he may not necessarily want clothes another year in a row.

Some questions to consider: Does the person you are buying for enjoy practical things? Novelty items? Sentimental gifts?

Once you have figured out the answer to those, it is time to find out what their hobbies/interests are then, armed with that knowledge, you can proceed to the steps below.

Reddit Gifts Section

The gifts subreddit is a fantastic place to get ideas from people from around the world. Around Christmas time, this section of one of the most popular sites on the planet is choc full of great suggestions and other gift-givers looking for advice. Friendly Redditors are more than willing to chip in their two cents, and if you ask politely, you will receive an influx of replies within hours.
To get the widest variety of advice, we suggest visiting the subreddit near the end of November, as that is when it will be most active.

Gift Idea Websites

The internet is full of websites that will give you plenty of ideas for what to buy your loved ones. The best ones often have lists based on personality and interest, where you can find anything from Pokemon gifts to lists of creative gift ideas for your boyfriend. We also recommend checking out the Amazon gift section, as they will show the top rated items that people have been buying throughout the year. Like Reddit, we recommend checking Amazon near the end of November, as more people will have been buying and there will be more of a selection to choose from.

Pinterest and Other Social Media

Checking up on the social media accounts of the person you are buying for may come off a bit creepy (lets face it we usually do it anyway), but can offer great insights when it comes to picking out a gift they will love. A status from a few months ago or a shared post about a certain product can get the creative sparks flying, and send you down the path for success. Pinterest in particular has a plethora of gift suggestions, and users will tend to have whole boards full of creative ideas. We recommend Pinterest for those who want to get a bit DIY and create something from scratch that will have a ton of sentimental value.

Burberry Scraps Development Project in Leeds


Burberry has scrapped a longstanding £50m development project in Leeds in leu of Brexit.

Luxury fashion company Burberry has discontinued plans to open a new manufacturing facility at the Temple Works building in Leeds as a result of the Brexit referendum that took place last year. The initial investment for the project would have totaled around £50m, and was projected to result in the employment of over 1,000 people. While Burberry stated that they are still “very committed to Leeds”, they opted to let the Temple Works building project lapse, but are still pushing ahead with refurbishment plans for their other sites in Yorkshire.

While the initial plan is currently on an indefinite hold, the company is still considering two other options that would benefit the greater Yorkshire economy. One of these is the relocation of Burberry’s business support centre, which would generate an estimated 300 jobs for Leeds later on this year.

Read more about this story here.

Leeds Rhinos 10-7 Versus Hull FC


The Leeds Rhinos have put forth a fantastic effort in their last game against Hull FC to pull out a victory and secure 2nd place in the season.

After a tough first half, the rhinos were trailing 7-0, but managed to pull together and turn the game around, resulting in a 10-7 finish over Hull FC.

The win was both highly rewarding and costly, with Ward suffering a head injury and Galloway taken off due to an Achilles injury within the first 12 minutes. However, it will ensure the Rhinos begin the Super 8s in second, and have an extra home match, which will surely bolster confidence in the coming matches.

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